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One science nutrition is a leading international health supplement brand curated by the makers of Scitec Nutrition. We understand the importance of scientific knowledge in constant innovation of the fitness industry, not only to enhance your workout but also to Achieve your health and wellness goals.

As world renowned manufacturers of supplements we are determined to change the Entire approach towards health, wellness and mental growth by spreading happiness; Serving mankind with the safest, most effective and rigorously tested Nutritional and Sports supplementation products


Procured from real science/where science meets fitness

OSN works with researchers and scientists from around the world to ensure the formulations of our products deliver proven results without compromising on safety.

Industry Expertise

One Science Nutrition is contrived by the manufacturers of SCITEC Nutrition which has been a global leader in Sports Nutrition Supplements for over 20 years.

Premium Product Quality

One Science Nutrition has been synonymous with quality and performance. We are certified by GMP and ISO 22000 and our facilities are registered with the IFS.

Value for Money

We are breaking the price standards for the supplement market by crafting economical yet high quality supplements as per the needs of our customers.

Holistic Living

We seek to cater to people all over the world, who are passionate about the idea of "Holistic Fitness" - one that can onlv be achieved when advanced scientific technology is entwined into our supplements.